Two upright tray tables is made up of me, Kenan Irving and my wife Charise. We travel as much as we can, trying to take amazing photos along the way.


Please place seat backs and tray tables in their upright position.

Me and probably figured that out though.

My name is Kenan Irving. Together with my wife, Charise, we make up Two Upright Tray Tables. We live in Louisiana, and travel as much as we possibly can. We're not rich. We have regular jobs just like everyone else. But travel is a priority for us, and as such we've found ways to do it on the cheap. You probably don't travel as much as you could. Travel has become something that's almost aspirational for people. An activity that's hoped and longed for but never achieved. We don't think it should be that way. Through our photography and blog, we want to help you travel more often. Sign up for our newsletter and check out our blog to learn the tips and tricks we use to see the world.

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Monroe, LA