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Traveling can be tough. Here are some of the products we personally use to make it easier. Tap the links to learn more about each item. We receive a small commission on all the sales.


Healthy Human Water Bottles

Wherever we’re heading, we bring along our Healthy Human water bottles. They save us money in airports and keep us hydrated on the trails. Plus because they’re insulated, the water stays icy cold.

Handheld USB Fan

Buses are hot, vent fans on planes are too small, and hotel rooms are too quiet. This portable fan is one of the best products I've ever purchased. And when you're not warm, it's so small that you don't even notice it in your bag.

Peak Design Backpack

It's safe to say that I'm obsessed with Peak Design. I own almost everything they make. I'm particularly attached to their backpack, which is always with me.

Genius Pack Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have changed our lives. Maybe that's an overstatement…but they have changed the way we pack. These cubes from Genius Pack keep our stuff organized and tidy. Plus they compress everything so we can fit more in our bags.