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Two Minute Travel Tip: How to Get an Entire Plane Row to Yourself

When you fly in economy, extra space is at a premium. Especially on longer flights, every spare inch is precious. What if you could almost guarantee that you and your travel companion could have an entire three-seat row to yourselves? Keep reading this two-minute travel tip to find out how.

People Hate Sitting In The Middle Seat

Most people hate sitting alone in the middle seat. Because of this, single seats in the middle of a three-seat row, are some of the last to get filled. You can take advantage of this by pre-selecting an aisle seat for yourself and a window seat for your partner. There's a good chance that middle seat will stay empty if the flight isn't fully booked. You’ll be able to stretch out and relax like you’re in first class...sort of.

We selected the aisle and window seat of row 32. That left the middle one empty for our flight.

What do you do if someone ends up in that seat between you and your travel companion? Offer to switch with the passenger. No one will turn down trading in a middle seat for an aisle or window. Then you two can sit together.


It’s not easy to find room to stretch out on a plane. For us, this trick works about 70 percent the time. Most of the time we have the row to ourselves and the other 30 percent we merely trade out so we can sit together. Have you ever tried this trick before? What are some different ways you’ve found to make a coach seat more comfortable? Answer below in the comments.