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Travel Gear: We've Finally Found The Perfect Carry-On

I’m obsessed with packing as efficiently for travel as possible. I’m continually trying to find ways to simplify and streamline my luggage situation. We wrote more about that in this article here. In the quest for the perfectly packed bag, I've tried several products that claim to make packing easier. But I’ve finally found it, the perfect carry-on. Keep reading to learn all about it.

Genius Pack

Genius Pack started in 2013 with the goal of making the greatest functioning carry-on luggage possible. I've always preferred hard-sided carry-ons, and Genius Pack makes a great one. However, when I saw the design and features of their soft-sided G3 suitcase, I thought it looked awesome. They sent us a bag and some of their other products to try out and review. I can say that hands down this it the most well-designed carry-on I've ever seen. Below are some of the standout features.


Good design and cool features don't mean a whole lot if the bag is flimsy and poorly constructed. Everything on the G3 feels like it will last. The zippers especially feel strong, and the wheels glide very smoothly. The outside is polyurethane coated nylon, which helps protect your stuff from the elements. I'm not worried about anything on the case breaking. What else makes this bag so unique?

Built-In Umbrella

Who remembers to pack an umbrella? And if you do remember to pack one, it's never readily available. An umbrella is one of those things that you don't think about until you really need it. The G3 has a dedicated spot for an umbrella, located at the top of the bag. You merely pack the travel umbrella and forget about it until it's needed. Due to the design, the umbrella does take up some space on the inside of the bag, but I don't' think it will get in the way. It's nice to know that it's there if we ever get caught in some unexpected rain.

Labeled umbrella slot

Genius Pack’s travel umbrella is a perfect fit.

The G4 has a laundry chute built into the bag.

Laundry Chute

It's always a pain keeping clean clothes and dirty clothes separate in your suitcase. The G4 has a laundry chute built into the bag. From the outside, you unzip the compartment and stick your dirty clothes in the integrated pocket. You can squeeze excess air out of the bag with their patented Laundry Compression Technology. This way your dirty clothes take up as little space as possible. When you get back home, you can completely unzip the bag and throw the whole thing in the laundry. Genius!

The G4 has a laundry chute built into the bag.

Laundry Compression Technology

The laundry bag compresses your clothes down to make extra room.

Battery Pack

In the top front pocket is a small sleeve that holds a battery charger. So many bag companies are integrating chargers in their luggage. What's different about the G3 is that the charger is in a small pocket that has just enough room to add your phone. That way you can stow your phone away safely while it charges.

In-Bag Organization

Organization is easy with The Genius Pack. Once you open the bag, there are stretchy dedicated pockets for socks, underwear, and chargers. On the outside of the case, there is a retractable cord to strap down your jacket and also a water bottle holder. When you add in their compression packing cubes, you can really fit a ton into this bag. Keeping everything organized makes it's easy to travel with just this carry-on.

The G3 makes organizing your stuff easy.

Labeled, stretchy compression pockets

Jacket strap


I love this bag. I really do. I think the thought and design they put into it is fantastic. I can't wait to use The Genius Pack more in the future. What do you think about the suitcase? Do you think it could help make your packing easier? Answer below in the comments.

It also makes a decent footrest.

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