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Two Minute Travel Tip: Don't Overplan Your Vacation

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We enjoy planning trips. We like laying out our route and finding unique things to see along the way. As much as we relish the planning process though, we work hard not to plan every detail and even try to leave several things wide open. Keep reading to find out why.

Enjoy The Unexpected

If every detail of a trip is plotted out, you lose the ability to stumble upon unplanned adventures. While we may lay out a general route of something like a road trip, we leave things open for the unexpected.

For instance, on a trip to San Francisco, we planned to visit Muir Woods on a Tuesday. However, when we arrived, it was pouring. We didn’t want to go in the rain, so we drove around a bit. We found a black sand beach not far from San Francisco. It was so cool and photographed best in the rain anyway. If we had been following a regimented timeline, we never would have found this spot. Also because our schedule was loose, we were able to visit Muir Woods later in the trip when the weather was better.

Leave some time to explore, get lost and find the unexpected.

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You should definitely plan out the basic structure of your trip. Things like plane tickets and rental cars can sometimes sell out. Plus extremely popular sights may need to be reserved months in advance. But even if you love to plan every detail of your travels, leave some time to explore, get lost and find the unexpected. You’ll be happy you did. What about you? Do you tend to over plan or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants? Answer below in the comments.

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