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Our goal is to help everyone travel more. It’s not as expensive as you might think to hit the road.

Why You Should Travel As Much As You Possibly Can

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As we travel, we meet people from all over the world. It's always interesting to learn about their cultures and talk about where they've been. The curious thing though is that we're always on a shorter vacation than they are. The travelers we meet from Europe, Australia, and Asia are often on vacation or holiday for weeks or more. They're shocked to hear we've traveled as far as we have for only a few days. Why the difference with American travel?

Our culture doesn't promote travel. Most of the time it does the opposite and discourages it. You may get two weeks paid vacation (at best), but many times you're made to feel guilty for taking that time off, even though it's part of your negotiated salary. If your employer supports travel, there is often a ton of stress involved. You may feel the need to hurry and get work done before you leave and then catch up on everything you missed when you return in a frenzy. All of this can make taking time off seem like an insurmountable hurdle. Last but not least, travel can be expensive. Many people feel they can't afford it. In spite of all these challenges, why should you prioritize travel? Here are a few reasons.

Our culture doesn’t promote travel. Most of the time it does the opposite and discourages it.

1. You Need A Break

You shouldn't work all the time. You just shouldn't. It's not healthy to always be on the go. Humans need to rest and recharge themselves. The work will still be there when you get back, and somehow your co-workers will survive without you. Don't burn the candle at both ends. Take a break and rest up.

2. Travel Is Important

The world is a pretty fantastic place, and there is a lot to see. Seeing beautiful natural wonders puts the world in perspective and reminds you how small you are. It's important to understand different cultures and experience new things. Get out there and see more than your local area.

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3. It Makes You A Better Person

It's difficult to travel the world and still think your opinions are the best. There are several different ways to do the same thing. Seeing how other cultures view the world and handle problems makes us more well-rounded humans. Travel can also make you much more patient and relaxed. Travel often includes situations that are out of our control. Learning to deal with these small inconveniences helps us cope with other struggles at home.

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4. It's Not As Expensive As You Think

When you only travel once every few years you tend to overspend. You do this because you don't know when your next vacation will be, and you want to get the most out it while you can. If you traveled more often though, you could spread out the cost and not blow so much money. We've written about how to save money on the road here and here. But simple changes can make a considerable difference when it comes to vacation budgets. Do you really need three big sitdown meals a day? Or could you buy groceries and make more inexpensive meals in your room? Can you make good use of credit card points and miles? Could you avoid paid activities and do more free things? What about traveling in the offseason? Traveling isn't as expensive as you think. Once you realize it's importance, you'll find ways to make it work.


We love to travel, and we feel that it should be a priority. It can help improve your world view and recharge your batteries. Seeing the world can also help us to grow as people. What about you? Do you think traveling is a necessity? Answer below in the comments.

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