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Travel Gear Review: Fuse Side Winder

I am crazy obsessed with packing efficiently. I enjoy packing as little and as organized as possible. Charise and I differ in our opinions on packing, and we’ve written about it here and here. One thing we agree on though is that cord management is a pain. With our macs, phones, cameras and everything else we bring with us, cables can get messy quick. Fuse has created a product that goes a long way in helping us solve that problem. Keep reading to see what we like so much about the Fuse Side Winder.

Cord management is a pain.

What is the Fuse Side Winder?

We love our MacBook Pros, but the charger is a chore to travel with. The shorter end rolls up nice enough, but if you bring the longer extension, it tangles and takes up a ton of space in your bag. And the extension is a necessity because hotel plugs always seem to be just out of reach without it. Fuse has solved the problem by designing a reel that attaches to the Apple charger. To stow it away, you just roll it up. Then your charging brick and cables are condensed down to a perfectly compact package.

The MacBook Pro Charger is a mess.

So much cleaner.

Your charging brick and cables are condensed down to a perfectly compact package.

Setup and Use

The setup couldn't be more straightforward. Out of the box you pop open the enclosure and line up the marked indentions. Place the brick in the center and run the cables through the guides. Snap it closed and twist the handle to wrap it all up. All of the cables are wound neatly around the brick itself. That's all there is to it. Included in the box are spacers to accommodate any Mac charger. When you want to unreel it, grab both cable ends and pull. The reel unwinds and allows you to use the charger normally.

To unreel, just pull both ends.


Charging cables are always getting tangled in our bags. Our Macbook Pro chargers were the worst because of the long extension. The SideWinder has solved that problem for us. It's so easy to set up and super convenient just to roll up and throw in the bag. What about you? Is cord management a problem. What products do you use to keep them organized? Answer below in the comments.

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