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How To Travel For 3 Weeks With Just A Carry On - For Her

I hate packing, and I always put it off until the last minute. For some reason, Kenan loves to pack. I don't get it. While my husband and I do not agree on packing styles, we both recognize that traveling with just a carry-on is the best way to go. Occasionally I wouldn't mind taking a huge bag filled with everything in my closet but going with less is better 99% of the time. How do I live out of a carry-on for weeks at a time? Keep reading to see.

Living Out Of A Carry-On

The first thing I do is make a list of everything I want to take. That way, I won't forget anything. Then I pack everything on the list. When I see my suitcase screaming for mercy, I try to take out a few things that might not be as necessary as I thought at the time. Packing cubes are a lifesaver because they keep everything neat and separated. I like skirts and tops in neutral colors because I can mix and match them to have more outfits. The most important part about living out of a carry-on is doing laundry. You'll have to wash clothes; there's just no way around it. I pack for about a week and then do a load once I run out of clothes. In the meantime, I store my clothes in a laundry bag with dryer sheets to keep everything fresh.

Samsonite suitcase and Uphill Design Crest backpack

What bags do I use to hold all my clothes? I have a hard case from Samsonite that I've had forever. The zippers expand, so I'm able to sneak a few extra inches of the bag onto the plane. Inside the suitcase is a smaller backpack from Uphill Designs that I carry around once we reach our destination. My main pack is also from Uphill Designs. Inside the bag, I have a change of comfy clothes for the plane and a supply of healthy snacks for the entire trip.

Packing List

It all fits snuggly, with just enough room for my Uphill Aster bag on top.

Samsonite Suitcase

2 Dresses

2 Skirts 

4 Tops

2 Pairs of Pants

Gym Clothes 


1 Pair Nisolo Shoes

2 Pairs of Flats

1 Pair Running Shoes

Socks In Shoes to Save Space

Reusable Grocery Bag

Delicates Laundry Bag

Exercise Bands


Small Mirror

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual Voltage Curling Wand

Uphill Backpack

PJs For The Plane


Anker Chargers

Liquids Bag


Healthy Human Water Bottle

Macbook Pro

Healthy Snacks For Trip


Passport and Wallet 

Instax Camera

Cable In The Bay liquids bag

Liquids Bag

My liquids bag is so full. I can barely fit everything I need in there. I bring mostly standard toiletries, but here are some of my favorite products.

Dry Shampoo

Quip Toothbrush

Tide Pen

Disinfecting Wipes

Reusable Makeup Removal Pads

I also have a separate bag that holds all my makeup and beauty products.

Wearing On The Plane



Slip-On Shoes


Sometimes I would love to fill a giant steamer trunk with everything I own for our trips. But I wouldn't want to carry it around or try to maneuver it through security, Ubers, and metros. Traveling with just a carry-on is the only way to go. Tap here to read Kenan's packing list and how he likes traveling with just a carry-on. What about you? Do you check a big bag when you fly or do you like to travel with less? Let us know below in the comments.

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