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The Top 5 Restaurants In Monroe Louisiana

When we travel, we do our best to experience local cuisine. And we've had some amazing meals! We've waited 3 hours for ramen in San Fransico, eaten fresh fish on a beach in Mexico and compared baguettes in Paris. I've even tried guinea pig in Ecuador, while Charise looked on in horror. There is a ton of great food in the world. But for a second, I'm going to be a complete homer and say that Louisiana has the best food in the world. It does. Sorry if this affects your world view, but it's true. We know how to cook, and our hometown is no exception. Here are our top 5 restaurants in Monroe, Louisiana.

1. Parish

The top spot on our list is restaurant Parish. Parish is the newly opened creation from chef Cory Bahr. You might have seen Cory as he won the Food Network show Chopped, as he beat Bobby Flay or as he competed on The Next Food Network Star. Cory can seriously cook and he just so happens to be a Monroe native. Thankfully he's using his talents to bring some seriously top-notch food to the area.

Chef Croy Bahr.

In full disclosure, Cory and his crew knew we were coming to write this blog post, and they pulled out all the stops. It started innocently enough with salted butter and bread made on site that day. But after that single dish, Cory sent out a dizzying array of food. It was one plate after another — so much food and so good. The first dishes were Stracciatella cheese and heirloom tomatoes topped with oil and then deviled eggs with caviar and Louisiana hot sauce. But to be honest, after that we kind of lost track. There were fried tomatoes and tuna crudo. Then brussels sprouts topped with peppers and chili aioli. Then I looked down, and there was another tuna dish with avocado, fried boudin balls, and two pasta dishes. It was like they were daring us to wave the white flag and admit we were full. But we soldiered on and persevered in devouring as much of this award-winning food as we could. Oh yeah, and to top it off, they brought out four deserts and coffee.

The garage door opens to let the outside in.

The meal started with this amazing bread!

Fried green tomatoes

It was like they were daring us to wave the white flag and admit we were full.

It didn’t take long until the whole table was covered in plates.

They may have known we were coming, but we've been to Parish several times and never had anything even resembling a bad experience. The food and service are top-notch here. If you can only eat at one place when you visit Monroe, Parish is that place. And if you are fortunate to have Cory select what you eat that night, don't ask questions. Just sit back and enjoy.

2. Enoch’s Pub

Enoch's is the kind of place we're always looking for when traveling but rarely find. It's a genuinely local place that we absolutely love. Enoch's is an Irish Pub that also happens to serve up some fantastic food. If you find yourself in Monroe, you have to stop in for some beer and pub food.

Enoch’s Pub.

Don’t forget to order a Guinness.

Enoch’s is the kind of place we’re always looking for when traveling but rarely find.

What should you order when you visit? You should get a burger for sure. Their burgers are the best. My favorite is the Blarney Stone, which has bacon, blue cheese, and pickles. The Cornelius is incredible too. It features corned beef and sauerkraut. I also can't forget to mention the breakfast burger that comes topped with a fried egg. Whichever burger you choose make sure to get Conley fries. Your freshly fried potatoes will be covered with bacon and cheese if you do. They also have several vegetarian options, if you're like Charise and shun animal products. She always gets the Forsythe, a grilled sandwich with olives, peppers, and cream cheese. And no trip to an Irish pub would be complete without a pint of Guinness, so make sure to get one or three. Enoch's has excellent live music throughout the week too. On the weekends it will be crowded, so try to get your food order in before 6, or there could be a wait. Enoch's is one of the best pubs you'll ever find this side of Ireland so make sure you visit soon.

The Blarney Stone Burger.

Look at all that cheese.

3. Trapps

Louisiana is known for Cajun food. The best Cajun dishes might be in the southern part of the state, but you'll have no problem finding great examples here where we live. Trapps is just such a place. Located on the west side of the river, you'll have great views while you eat your meal. The chicken and sausage gumbo is fantastic, as are the fried pickles. Charise ordered light with a salad. But I went all in with the grilled catfish topped with crawfish etouffee. On the side were grilled veggies and yams. It was so much food! Don't expect to move much after your meal because you definitely won't be leaving hungry.

The deck is a great way to enjoy the water.

Happy hour!

Chicken and sausage gumbo

Fried pickles

Charise found the heathy item on the menu.

Grilled catfish toped with crawfish Étouffée

Don’t expect to move much after your meal because you definitely won’t be leaving hungry.

4. The Warehouse

Any visit to Louisiana that doesn't include some seafood would be criminal. Back on the Monroe side of the river is The Warehouse. A fantastic seafood place that's been open longer than we've been alive. Once a cotton warehouse that loaded ships on the Ouachita River, it's now a local favorite. I ordered a half dozen raw oysters and the blackened shrimp and catfish with cheese grits on the side. Charise picked the fried green tomatoes to start and the tuna citrus salad without tuna, to keep her meal plant-based. We had a great meal, and all of the dishes were fresh and tasty. If you want seafood, The Warehouse is where you should go.



Fried green tomatoes

Blackened shrimp and catfish

Tuna citrus salad…hold the tuna.

We did some work.

No matter what anyone says, Louisiana hot sauce is better than tabasco.

5. Latin Food

The best food is often located in the most nondescript of buildings. Latin Food is like that. If you didn't know it was there, you might drive right by the place. But venture inside, and you'll discover some amazing...well, Latin food. We've tried several different options on the menu. The Honduran dinner is delicious, as are the fajitas, but our favorite dish is the pupusas. Pupusas are like thick corn tortillas, stuffed with meat and cheese. Charise gets them with bean and cheese, and I always opt for pork, bean, and cheese. Then they're fried and served hot alongside rice and beans. Latin Food is good food, served quickly and simply. Plus their coffee is the best in town. We'd probably get coffee there every day if it were closer to our house. Stop in for a full meal or grab a coffee on the go, either way, you'll love Latin Food.

Cuban coffee and horchata.



There is so much great food in the world. A lot of that food just so happens to be in Louisiana. Where we live is no exception. If you swing through our town, these are the restaurants you should visit. You won't be disappointed. There are a ton of other fantastic things to do in our hometown. Tap here for more info on Monroe from the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau. What do you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Let us know below in the comments.

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