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104 Mondays Ago, Don't Pack Too Many Shoes and Heading Out for Paris

Erin and Geoffrey Photography

104 Mondays ago, I married Charise. Why a Monday? Because 104 Mondays ago was February 29th. Leap Day. You don't get the chance to get married on leap day often. In fact you only get that chance once every four years. So it just worked out. 

104 Mondays ago, I married Charise.

Our friends Erin and Geoffrey did the wedding photography. They're amazing. They followed us around all day. We cooked breakfast, went for a hike and then got married that afternoon. The pictures turned out amazing, as you can see. Be sure to check out their website and their blog post about our wedding.


It’s been two years since our wedding and Charise hasn't packed up and left me in the middle of the night. That's definitely a plus because I kind of like her. Seriously though, the past two years have been great. We moved last year and we've traveled a good bit, with a lot more trips scheduled in the future. I'm looking forward to several more years to come. 

Technically we only have an anniversary every 4 years but that's silly. We still celebrate it every year. 365 days have still elapsed since the last anniversary. Last year we went to San Francisco and as much as I love that city, I think we might top it this year with Paris. We leave Thursday and we'll be gone for two weeks. Can't wait!!!

Don't Pack Too Many Shoes

Charise and I have two very different philosophies when it comes to packing. I’m fairly obsessed with it. I take great satisfaction in packing as little as possible and having those items neatly arranged in my carry on. In fact, I'm already packed for Thursday. Charise doesn't share the same joy I have in a nicely packed suitcase. She’s not even close to packed and couldn’t care less as long as it all fits. She also continues to add shoes. I seriously don’t know where all these shoes are going to go. Somehow we’ve managed to make the marriage work in spite of these glaring differences. lol. She’s supportive but mainly because whatever space is left over in my bag can be filled with another pair of her shoes or a curling wand. So many shoes…

I seriously don’t know where all these shoes are going to go.

Charise's Bag. One Sweater, a Curling Wand, and Granola Bars. At Least We Won't Starve.

The one area where it's definitely hard for me to pack light is with the camera gear. A full frame camera is heavy. My polaroid and film take up precious square inches and I even pack two tripods. Do I really need two tripods? Probably not, but there they are. What makes this manageable is the right bag. I've had a few camera bags and they're never been quite right. The Peak Design Messenger is awesome though. It's sleek, well deigned and holds all my stuff. Everything in the pic below fits in my messenger.   

Gear List (feel free to skip if you don't care how the sausage is made)


Thursday we head out for Paris and we’re excited. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @twouprighttraytables to get updates on our trip. We've got some cool things planned and that's the best place to stay up on where we are and what we're doing. We might not have a blog post up for next Monday but we'll have a ton to blog about when we get back. And who knows, I might be able to get a post up. That's it for now though, I need to go hide some of Charise's shoes.

Erin and Geoffrey Photography


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