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Who Are We, Living in a Van and Where We're Going This Year


Who Are We? 

I'm Kenan Irving. You probably figured that out from the name on the website. My wife is Charise. She's the tall girl standing next to me. We've been married for two years. In that time, Charise has somehow managed to put up with me constantly taking pictures of her. Together we make up the Two Upright Tray Tables Blog.

We try to find unique spots and take pictures along the way.

Two Upright Tray Tables is a photography focused travel blog. We try to find unique spots and take pictures along the way. We're writing mostly about travel but there will also be some photography based posts as well.

Me and Charise, hiking in Arizona.

We live in Louisiana. If You're wondering how far we live from New Orleans, it's not that close. It's like five hours away. We live in North Louisiana, which is basically considered Arkansas. New Orleans is cool though. You should definitely go if you get the chance.  

Where Are We Going This Year? 

When you want to go everywhere, it's hard to pick a destination. We'll start planning a trip to somewhere like Iceland and it turns into Amsterdam. Then we realize that Amsterdam is close to France and just like that we've booked two weeks in Paris. We want to see the whole world. To do that, we have to start somewhere. So where are we going this year?

When you want to go everywhere, it’s hard to pick a destination.

In just nine more days we'll leave for Paris. We'll be there for two weeks. It will also be our anniversary, so that's fortuitous. We're staying in the latin quarter, which is the oldest part of Paris. We have a ton of things planned and can't wait to share the pictures on Instagram and the blog.

This summer we want to spend a few days on a Mexican or Caribbean Beach. We want to rent an AirBnB on the water and relax for a bit. The problem is that there are a lot of Mexican beaches to choose from. We're hoping for a quieter, less touristy beach. If you have any recommendations, let us know in the comments below.

The last two weeks in September will be spent hiking in Washington State. We'll be working with Pacwesty and a few other sponsors. Pacwesty rents vintage VW van campers. The van will be our home for five days while we drive around Olympic National Park. Then we'll do a few more days around Mount Rainier in a cabin. 

Image from Pacwesty. This thing is awesome!

That's all we have planned right now but we're trying to work in a few more shorter trips somewhere. Like I said it's hard to decide when you want to go everywhere. 


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We appreciate all of the support we have received here in the comments and on Instagram. Thank you for following us and liking our pictures. We can't wait to tell you about some of the other partnerships we have later this year. Thanks for checking out our blog. Be sure to say hello down it the comments.  


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