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Albuquerque, The Andaluz Hotel and the difference between Chris and Liam Hemsworth

We didn't plan on spending a lot of time in Albuquerque. In fact the original plan was to drive in late and leave early the next day. However the road trip was ahead of schedule, so we stayed longer than we planned. We're glad that we did. Albuquerque is beautiful and a place we will definitely be visiting again.

Sandia Peak

Besides choosing a hotel, we did little to no research on Albuquerque. We didn't even know that there was a mountain in the middle of the city. When we arrived, we went shopping in Nob Hill and had Thai food for lunch. Without much more of a plan we checked in early at The Andaluz. The amazing staff there told us about the drive up to Sandia Peak. About an hours drive from the top, we would have just enough time to get there for the sunset.

The beginning of the ascent to the top.

Albuquerque was experiencing record wind speeds and you could definitely feel it at the top. It was so cold and it wasn't just because we are from Louisiana. It was cold! The wind chill was 16 degrees Fahrenheit, with 28 mph winds. We would look out for a bit, take a few pictures, then run back to car to warm up before doing it again. Looking out on the view of Albuquerque made it worth it though.

28 MPH winds and 16 degree windchill at the top!

The Andaluz Hotel

The lobby of the Andaluz

Built in 1939 by Conrad Hilton, The Andaluz was the tallest building in Albuquerque at the time. Though it has since been sold and renovated, The Andaluz still has the same charm it opened with. We enjoyed our stay here very much. The suite was very spacious and the staff was attentive. They gave us the best route to the top of the mountain and even helped us gain access to the roof for some night shots. And as you can see below the view from our room was gorgeous.

Sandia Peak from our room

Second floor

Night time in Albuquerque from the top of the Andaluz

We also saw a Hemsworth in the lobby. There is still some discussion though as to which one it was. Charise says Liam, I think it was Chris. They are both tall and Australian. Obviously we don't really know the difference between them. The debate continues…


Albuquerque was a surprise for us. Our expectations weren't that high. What we found though was a unique city with a lot to offer. From quirky shops, amazing restaurants and natural scenery, there is something for everyone. The Andaluz also made our stay very comfortable. The staff was great and the rooms were well appointed. If you find yourself in Albuquerque you should definitely stay at the historic Andaluz Hotel.

Sandia Mountain and the Rio Grande River


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