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Monument Valley, The View Hotel and The Place Where Forrest Stopped Running

After spending the morning in Albuquerque, we drove 5 hours to Monument Valley. We were both looking forward to spending some time in a private cabin after being on the road for a few days. The View Hotel and Monument Valley did not disappoint.

The View Hotel and Cabins

The View Hotel and Cabins are the only lodging on the Navajo land that surrounds Monument Valley. It was late when we arrived. Dozens of miles from the closest town, it is incredibly dark at the hotel. The stars were bright and clear in the sky. It was so dark there that we couldn't even see the monuments from our porch and they were only a few hundred yards from our cabins.

The view from our cabin.

The Cabins felt very secluded. The view lived up to the name. It was amazing looking right out the window at these stone structures. The seclusion does have its drawbacks though. As much as we loved the hotel and location, the food was not good. The choice was either to eat at the hotel or drive almost an hour, roundtrip, for something else. The restaurant was very bland and boring. It was disappointing considering the exotic menu.

In spite of these drawbacks though, we had a great time at The View. The location can not be beat. The cabins were very comfortable and well cared for. If you want to visit Monument Valley, you should definitely consider staying in these cabins.

Hiking the Wildcat Trail

The Wildcat trail is the only self guided hike in Monument Valley. To walk the others you will need a Navajo guide. The Wildcat is a fairly easy 3.2 mile hike. The only tough part is at the end, where you ascend back up through some thick sand.

Hanging around in our Mad MTN Hammock after the hike.

Run Forrest

After two nights in The View Cabins, we checked out and hit the road again. Our next stop was just a few miles away. In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest takes off running across the country. After quite some time he stops in the very spot we’re standing in the pictures below. We were both surprised at how many tourists and buses were pulled over to see the small sign marking this now famous spot. We had to wait quite a while to get an empty stretch of road for the pictures.

It took forever to get this road completely empty.

A couple of Polaroids.


  • Location. Just steps from the Monuments.

  • The view. The hotel is properly named. The views are amazing.

  • Private. Because of the location you really feel like you have the place to yourself.


  • The food in the restaurant was very bland.

  • Service in the hotel was slow and bordered on rude at times.


The View Hotel and Cabins aren't perfect. The staff wasn't the best and the food was poorly executed. In spite of this, we wouldn't hesitate to stay here again. The natural surroundings can’t be beat. Sitting on the porch, looking out at the monuments is an experience that can't be replicated anywhere else. It’s truly amazing that a spot as popular as Monument Valley can still feel this isolated. Next stop…Arizona.


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